What is the Best – Shared Hosting Or Reseller Hosting?

What is the Best – Shared Hosting Or Reseller Hosting?

Though the shared hosting and reseller hosting have only one purpose that is hosting a website, but they have some differences. Shared hosting means that to buy web space from web hosting providers and use that only for personal websites. But the reseller hosting means that you can buy a large amount of spaces and you can be resell them for getting some extra earnings. These 2 types of hosting has many matches and many web hosting companies offer the both system but always there are some differences. By sharing you can only share the resources of the server but by reselling you will be able to resell the resources of the server. This is the main deference between shared web hosting and reseller web hosting.

By reseller hosting you can make web hosting accounts and with those you will be able to share the resources of the server with the clients of yours. But the host also has the main control of the server and they make update the software of the server keep maintaining it. The reseller host also gets support from the main host, and for any problem occurs reseller can contact with the host any time, which advantage the shared host does not get. If you have a small personal business or if you want a personal website, shared hosting will be the perfect for you. But if you want multiple websites with cheaper rates reseller hosting is perfect for you and you will also get some earnings from that.

If you have a reseller web hosting, this will be the first step on the web hosting business and you can have your own clients, where you can be able to create, suspend or terminate any account if you want. You don’t have to worry about the server just worry for the websites and the clients of yours. If you have many web sites, by the reseller account to save money you can also create some accounts to resell them and get some extra earnings. There are many web hosting companies who give the facility of reseller hosting with bounty of web spaces and bandwidth for a small prices like $ 20 to $ 100 in a month.

But many clients don’t want to buy a web hosting account from you because you are just a middle man and if any problem occurs with server or a client account you can’t solve that you have to contact with the web host what will be a lengthy process. But this will not be a great problem if you have decent clients. If you have sufficient knowledge about server, the control panel and have the admin rights, you can solve the problem by yourself. But you don’t have the admin rights you have contact with the host.

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