Home Based Internet Marketing Businesses Starting Up Step 2 – Web Hosting

Home Based Internet Marketing Businesses Starting Up Step 2 – Web Hosting

There are a few steps that all home based internet marketing businesses have to follow in order to make money online. Once you have purchased your domain name for that website you now have to host it somewhere. What is web hosting and how do you choose a web host and the plan that is right for you? That’s what I’ll cover in this article.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is kind of like having a PO Box. When people are on the internet searching for your website they will type in your domain name, right? Well, just like the Post Office needs to have an address and an actual location to deliver your mail, you need to have a place for people to actually go to find your website.

So if you think about the domain name kind of like your street address, then the hosting is like your mailbox! Without the host you will not actually be visible to anyone out there.

Choosing a web hosting company

There are lots of different web hosting services out there. The one that I use is Host Gator, but you might prefer a different one. When you look at web hosting companies be sure they have a good customer support system–if you are having trouble finding how to contact their customer support then I suggest you look at a different company.

Different types of services

Most web hosting companies will offer a variety of services. In addition to web hosting they might have reseller hosting services and dedicated servers. You are just looking at basic web hosting.

Different types of plans

There will be a variety of plans available to you. Host Gator has kind of cute names like “hatchling” and “baby” for their plans. Other companies may call theirs “silver” or “gold” or other similar names. They are all referring to the level of service that is available within that plan. The lowest level being the most basic plan and then they move up to more services with increased prices.

Choosing the right plan

In most cases the Disk Space and Bandwidth for all the plan options is “unlimited” which is good.

Domains allowed is a key point, usually for the smallest plan you are allowed to have one domain name linked to that plan. For the other plans you can have unlimited domain names and that is what you want. Look for the cheapest plan that gives you unlimited domain names.

Since you already bought your domain name when you set up your account you will be using an existing domain name, not registering a new domain. You can register domain names through many of the hosting companies, but they are typically more expensive that way, so I don’t recommend it.

Follow the directions to set up your order. You can save a few dollars if you pay the annual rate, but you can also pay monthly for slightly more.

Remember to write down your username and password information because you are going to need it.

That’s it for now! It takes a little while for your hosting account to be set up. You will get a couple of emails from your web host verifying they got your order and giving you other important information so be sure to hang on to all those emails!

You have now set up your web hosting and your home based internet marketing businesses are getting closer and closer to going live!

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What is the Best – Shared Hosting Or Reseller Hosting?

What is the Best – Shared Hosting Or Reseller Hosting?

Though the shared hosting and reseller hosting have only one purpose that is hosting a website, but they have some differences. Shared hosting means that to buy web space from web hosting providers and use that only for personal websites. But the reseller hosting means that you can buy a large amount of spaces and you can be resell them for getting some extra earnings. These 2 types of hosting has many matches and many web hosting companies offer the both system but always there are some differences. By sharing you can only share the resources of the server but by reselling you will be able to resell the resources of the server. This is the main deference between shared web hosting and reseller web hosting.

By reseller hosting you can make web hosting accounts and with those you will be able to share the resources of the server with the clients of yours. But the host also has the main control of the server and they make update the software of the server keep maintaining it. The reseller host also gets support from the main host, and for any problem occurs reseller can contact with the host any time, which advantage the shared host does not get. If you have a small personal business or if you want a personal website, shared hosting will be the perfect for you. But if you want multiple websites with cheaper rates reseller hosting is perfect for you and you will also get some earnings from that.

If you have a reseller web hosting, this will be the first step on the web hosting business and you can have your own clients, where you can be able to create, suspend or terminate any account if you want. You don’t have to worry about the server just worry for the websites and the clients of yours. If you have many web sites, by the reseller account to save money you can also create some accounts to resell them and get some extra earnings. There are many web hosting companies who give the facility of reseller hosting with bounty of web spaces and bandwidth for a small prices like $ 20 to $ 100 in a month.

But many clients don’t want to buy a web hosting account from you because you are just a middle man and if any problem occurs with server or a client account you can’t solve that you have to contact with the web host what will be a lengthy process. But this will not be a great problem if you have decent clients. If you have sufficient knowledge about server, the control panel and have the admin rights, you can solve the problem by yourself. But you don’t have the admin rights you have contact with the host.

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Essential Guide For Web Host Shifting

Crucial Guide For Web Host Shifting

Website owners often face the problem of not actually having their particular web host providing all of them well. They run into many problems which really frustrates all of them. They truly are only unsatisfied about the solution that they’re paying for but at the same time reluctant on altering to a different host because it is said that we now have numerous difficulties with regards to altering hosts.

It is a fact that this process is significantly a difficult or disastrous or even perform correctly. Consequently, users who wish to do it must prepare really so that the altering process is effective with little trouble. They simply have to know a few ideas so every little thing can be achieved effortlessly.

What is very important to do should backup all of the files and information that you want become relocated to the newest number. This is because the options in the brand-new host may not be exactly like the old ones. So, it’s a bright concept to help keep all elements that comprise your internet site. Back up needs to be done if your wanting to severe you experience of your overall supplier.

When looking for a brand new business to host your internet site, search for companies that support the technologies that you are presently making use of. Even though you are looking to get a far better service, be sure that support your existing software, scripts and database. This goes equivalent the compatibility of you mail customer, shopping carts and so on. Ensure that the brand new number can provide more and maybe not less.

After that, you have the significance of altering the server for your domain. Say if the old number may be the holder people domain, there is some conditions that must be resolve before you keep utilizing the domain. Therefore, you ought to discover for which you have actually signed up your domain one which just change it out into the brand new number. After you have the information, you can easily frequently change it out utilizing the administrative panel in your registrar.

Altering to a different solution means you want a significantly better service. There are many providers on the market and also you must find those who can definitely offer you your moneys well worth. Reliable companies are the ones to seek for. Somewhat research is recommended to be able to check out the reputation the company that you want to decide on. Therefore, by understanding the abilities of brand-new host, you can easily prevent the conditions that lead you to move you site at first place in the future.

Shopping for some independent website hosting reviews? If you are starting off in hosting, i recommend that browse to their web hosting program when I think they have been one of the better. For information FatCow review, see WebHostingSecretRevealed.com.

The Overview of Web Hosting and How to Host Your First Website

The Overview of Web Hosting and How to Host Your First Website

As an internet user, you have come across several websites. One tends to wonder how these websites came to be about. Others might be wondering how they can put up their own website. Knowledge on the overview of web hosting and how to host your first website on the internet can be found on the same internet. Before we go any further it would be great if you understood what web hosting is. Basically it is the way in which websites are mad to appear over the internet. The website is a content carrying package that is accessed over the World Wide Web. This is why you find that when opening most web pages you use three w’s in the form of www, then the name of the website followed by a dot com. Hosting on the other hand is the method by which an organization, company or individual can relay their information through the internet.

Hosting companies are all over the internet. Be sure when looking for one that will host you. This is important for you to understand so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing any hosting services. At the same time you will need to be sure that your web pages are properly linked together so that they don’t disappoint users once they are hosted on the internet. This means that the overview of web hosting and how to host your first website on the internet that you will get will determine the path that you will take when looking for a web company that will host your site. Below are a few guidelines on how to host your first website.

Before buying anything or acquiring any services one is always advised to do extensive research. Having great research will help you when it comes to making an informed choice. One of the ways you can research is by inquiring through the owners of a website. They can be found through forums that revolve around web hosting and other web related services. People like this are the best to consult on the overview of web hosting and how to host your first website on the internet. Having experienced the same process, the can give you an accurate guideline of the do’s and don’ts of web hosting.

This can also help you with a list of the best companies that are in the web hosting business. Once you are armed with this information, go to at least three of the web hosting companies. Hear what offers they have for you and compare them thoroughly. If there is something that you do not understand always feel free to ask. After you have decided to the company you will choose go ahead and get started. You should always remember that you can change the company that is hosting you at any time.

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How to Have a Profitable Youth Football Fundraising Event

How to Have a Profitable Youth Football Fundraising Event

Fundraising for youth football teams is a necessary component of the game for parents, children, league administrators and coaches alike. It requires some effort to put together a quality fundraising plan and execute it successfully. Once you find a successful program, it can be used year after year going forward. We’ve prepared some youth football fundraising strategies to inspire your program and get your kids on the field.

Youth Football Fundraising Tips

• First and foremost, select a quality fundraising committee to plan and organize your activities. Coaches, parents, and even one or two of the youth football players are good choices. Football boosters and people with marketing backgrounds are good sources as well. Be vigilant about keeping “politics” out of the committee. This is for the kids; it’s not an adult playground where people can feed their ego.

• Set a clear goal. Those helping with your football fundraising efforts need to know what to shoot for and where you are at. A goal should be lofty, a bit more than what you need so you have margin for coming up short and still saving your season.

• After your committee selection, you’ll want to put together a plan. Have an open forum where all fundraising ideas are considered. Zero in on who you are targeting in your football fundraising efforts. Are you targeting individual donors, corporations and associations, local merchants, or a combination? I should note here that studies indicate that nearly 75% of donations to fundraising events come from individual donors.

• Once the fundraising plan is set it needs to be communicated to players, parents, and volunteers. Communicate clearly what is expected of each person. Keep the lines of communication open. Refrain from getting too caught up in the details of the plan that you neglect to consider valuable input. You don’t have to accept every suggestion but at least consider them. At the very least, it promotes goodwill and cooperation and that is invaluable.

Youth Football Fundraising Ideas

• Football Clinics
Football clinics are another good source of income and a great way to recruit new football players by showing off youth football drills. These are best held in summer, although after-school clinics can be effective as well. Late summer, just before the training season starts, is a good time for a team to get current players psyched for competition and prospective players jazzed to join. An exhibition at the end of the week can coincide nicely with sign-ups for the upcoming year.

• Get Creative
You are only limited by your imagination for coming up with unique youth football fundraising ideas. The key to choosing profitable events is to know your target donors. What do they like to do? What would be fun way for them to spend their time? Is it feasible to have a picnic with food and games? How about a golf tournament with prizes donated by local merchants? A 3-on-3 basketball tournament? Slo-Pitch tournament? The possibilities go on!

• Develop an Internet Presence
People donate money and time to a football team or league because they appreciate the experience and its effects on kids, families and the community as a whole. To aid your football fundraising efforts, the more you can share those memories with everyone involved in those experiences the better. A football team and league web site where everyone can upload and share photos, communicate schedules and engage in discussions, parent coordination and the like is an extremely valuable way to both engage sponsors and make those involved more able to coordinate fundraising and donate. You can build one for free at some sites like Weplay.com.

• Community Outreach
It can be effective to catch people when they are in a rush. Can you set up a barbecue at a shopping mall or grocery store on the weekend? It can be convenient for busy people to grab a hamburger, hotdog, or sausage to eat on the run. A community yard sale with donated goods can be profitable. Get a player, parent, or other volunteer to write a weekly newsletter on the team and sell advertising space in the newsletter.

Be sure to include the kids in your fundraising efforts. It’s important for them to learn to communicate in their community. It builds confidence and character and adds an emotional resonance to everyone involved. In the end, it’s all about them. Good Luck!

By Trevor Sumner who works for Weplay.com, a youth football community dedicated to providing parents coaches and athletes the tools and information to celebrate the love of the game. Weplay.com has one of the most comprehensive, free football drill libraries in its active football community.

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