Substitution Of High

Substitution Of High
High-grade automobiles are not customized to restore the number audio sole option —- NXS U.S. patent

High-grade automobiles are not for host vehicle sound transformation, NXS amp is the only choice!

As 2008, China’s top best-selling automotive electronics and complex items NXS amplifiers, digital crossover can be done, DSP computer systems to manage how many delay with a balanced energy amplifier. It’s well suited for high-end automobiles aren’t for many sections of the number, want quality sound experience cyclists, NXS amp could be the sole option.

Present automobile audio vehicle audio business as well as the requirements associated with the consumer team slowly increased, as a specialist vehicle sound industry owners to adopt more diversified mode of procedure with an array of services and products as a promotion for music lovers from all areas which However, according to the improvement the China (CHINA), more advanced electronics business, in which manufacturers of automotive makers introduced a number of new designs towards different requirements of those which purchase a vehicle within the automobile stereo is an integral part of automobile makers within the original vehicle stereo to further and boost the the latest models of with various quantities of various nations, audio equipment, automobiles, not many people are faithful into the initial automobile stereo to any or all’s pleasure, the key reason for riders the lifestyle environment and top-notch instruction associated with the music-loving understanding and hearing amount, and eventually, following the buy of cars to select a collection of your preferred audio.

Is the initial car aided by the host (CD) does not pre-output (RCA) only following the keeping big and little power, or with the original car power amplifier (the primary function of the first automobile amp is configured to relax and play really the advertising of several The original automobile horn), but if an audio upgrade, the original car’s speakers setup need altered or is unavailable, this is in addition the automobile faithful headache,

As a professional vehicle audio industry leader nxs sound update in the most common of cyclists do in order to resolve the issue, in Europe and the united states many various other countries well-known sound upgrade resolve the issue of the new services into China ASIA marketplace, in most of bikers audio songs lovers to resolve improvement issues. NXS Series amplifiers function would be to facilitate the faithful trying not to ever replace the initial automobile automobile host (CD) problem to its answer. All the features amplifier all-in the pc modification for this existing NXS amplifier is the most advanced amp

1, NXS’s TIMEDECAY acoustic delay function, that could efficiently increase the bad interior sound area position, even when the number is quite typical, even the number of this original automobile’s sound are accurately synchronized and accurate acoustic placement.

2, NXS in the large and low frequency variability of 8 independent EQ and High Pass (HP), bandpass (BP), low-pass (LP) Electronic Crossover circuit

Taken off the usual installation process, the utilization of individual equalizers and digital crossover, on one-hand significant cost savings in price, conversely lowers the conversion process in sound sound produced, making sure that modification even more fine feeling of sound.

3, NXSEQ with a totally digital electronic regularity digital control circuit, which considerably improves the accuracy and freedom to adjust the info. Considerably decreased 20HZ? 20KHZ regularity uniformity between.

4, NXS remotely adjustable control interface, to give a convenient debugging, debugging can simply sit-in operating place, eliminating the most common tuning to and fro. As well as the unique anti-theft style design, you can’t be concerned about other people will change your track sound good.

5, NXS unique to only one computer system debugging software are put in on a typical mobile computer, and will debug all control area of the amp.

6, NXS’s DSPNETLINK connection component, to 10 details simultaneously connection control amplifier, and each address can connect to four units in amp, you just pick an unusual amp equivalent on address, just a computer program or a

Remote operator to accomplish every one of the power amplifier can debug, that will simultaneously link around 40 amplifiers debugging, its never ever with other brand name amplifier features.

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