How to Be a Great Talk Radio Show Guest

How to Be a Great Talk Radio Show Guest

Whether you’re marketing a print book, an ebook, or any information product, becoming a guest on radio talk shows can mean lots of sales. Getting booked as an expert in your field becomes simple once you’ve been published. After all, you’re an author, you must know what you’re talking about. And doing several phone interviews a day becomes an easy way to make sales.

You might be wondering where to start. As with anything, you first need to determine what you want to accomplish. For the sake of this article we’ll assume that you’re looking to make sales. But if it’s blatantly apparent to the host and listeners that selling your book is all you’re after, you’ll have a short career as a radio guest. You’ve got to provide great value for both your host and the listeners.

This is actually pretty easy. First, prepare a list of questions for your host. This list should actually be a part of your media kit. Once you’ve got the questions, practice your replies so you can answer each question in short concise sound bytes. Avoid answers like, “in the book I talk about…” and, on page so and so of my book…” This will always come across as self-serving – which will be the kiss of death for you as a guest.

Keep this in mind: It’s up to you to make the host look like a genius in the eyes of his/her listeners for having you on. You do this by offering lots of great information. Many guests make the mistake of holding back with their knowledge. You can’t afford to be stingy. The more information you can deliver in a clear, crisp, intelligent manner, the more the listeners will respect you and want to buy your book.

Another aspect of being a great guest who is invited to return is to be familiar with the show and the host. When you’re familiar with your host and the type of show s/he produces, you will be that much more prepared for anything s/he might throw your way.

You might not feel this is easily accomplished, as many of your bookings will be phone interviews and a great distances from your home. However, in many cases it will be possible for you to listen to your host before your appearance as a guest. More and more radio stations are now broadcasting both over the airwaves and online, so it shouldn’t be difficult to study your host’s show. For a comprehensive list of online stations and the ability to listen to them on your computer, do a search on radio station directories.

Assuming you’re not yet a media professional, you’ll want to become a student of talk shows, both radio and TV. Notice how the great guests behave. You might also want to record several shows where the guest does a good job and refer back to them as you prepare. You’ll notice that good guests talk in a conversational tone as though they are discussing the topic with a friend.

To sum it up, remember:

Your goal is to sell your book
You do this by first making your host look good
Offer short, crisp and concise bits of information
Offer lots of information
Relax and speak in a conversational tone as though you were talking to a friend.

Here’s to your success in broadcasting!

With nearly 15 years as a healthcare professional and another 10 years as a successful real estate entrepreneur, Charles took to the pen. He’s written four books, several ebooks and numerous articles for publication. He’s now enjoying life in Southwest Florida and working as a freelance writer.