Web Domain Hosting – When Not to Buy

Web Domain Hosting – When Not to Buy

Make no mistake, choosing the right website domain host is one of the most important decisions that online businesses will have to make. With a popular or well known and reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) you won’t face many problems, however if you choose the wrong online partner, it can prove to be expensive to both your pocket and your businesses reputation as a whole.

When it comes to choosing a new host, I use a couple of simple techniques that often sort the wheat from the chaff. Once I find a good host, I usually stick with them. I would also advise you do the same. As a good host can be hard to find…

What I shall aim to do here is to demonstrate to you firstly, how to spot signs of good practise and secondly, how to avoid hosts that may not meet with your desired requirements.

The first technique I apply is one of the most tried and tested, the old contact test. This splits up into two tests.

Test One. I will try and contact the host via the telephone. Simple you say, not really, for I will not be calling the sales line, I shall be calling (or selecting the option on larger company telephone exchanges) that will put me through to support…then lets see how long it takes to get where I want to.
Test Two. I will submit an email to at least 3 hosts. Timing the responses to all of them.

These tests will demonstrate quite simply, which company offers the best first line of contact. This can be a crucial element when you have an issue or are in need of urgent support.

And my other technique is much simpler…search the internet for the company name. You would be surprised how many people make comments when things go wrong. But be objective, when you stumble across a forum where one chap has had a bad experience, try and temper this with objectivity. Did this issue get resolved, how long did it take, is is a common fault or a one off. By doing this you will get a balanced view.

Now, about those elements that should tell you when not to buy. I observe some strict criteria when choosing a web host and if any (or all) of them hit any of my below points, I will cross them off my list and start again.

The list I use is as follows and of course you can add or remove elements that do not meet your needs

Responses to my email contact too longer than 24 working hours
The telephone call DID NOT clear up all my concerns clearly
I cannot find any references online of companies who use them
I did find many negative comments on forums that had a common fault theme
The pricing structure is now clear nor flexible
I do not have FTP access
I do not have access to a control panel
I cannot add my own email addresses
I have to contact the host providers to make all changes to my site
There is no Out of hours support infrastructure

Whilst most of my opinions are based on fact WITHOUT an affiliated interest, I do have my own personal favourite, but I am not going to spoil the fun you can have by researching…

To learn much more about the different types of web domain hosting packages available, visit my web domain hosting information site, where you’ll find this and much more, including unbias and independent advice and tips on how to avoid the wrong type of hosting company.

How to Be a Great Talk Radio Show Guest

How to Be a Great Talk Radio Show Guest

Whether you’re marketing a print book, an ebook, or any information product, becoming a guest on radio talk shows can mean lots of sales. Getting booked as an expert in your field becomes simple once you’ve been published. After all, you’re an author, you must know what you’re talking about. And doing several phone interviews a day becomes an easy way to make sales.

You might be wondering where to start. As with anything, you first need to determine what you want to accomplish. For the sake of this article we’ll assume that you’re looking to make sales. But if it’s blatantly apparent to the host and listeners that selling your book is all you’re after, you’ll have a short career as a radio guest. You’ve got to provide great value for both your host and the listeners.

This is actually pretty easy. First, prepare a list of questions for your host. This list should actually be a part of your media kit. Once you’ve got the questions, practice your replies so you can answer each question in short concise sound bytes. Avoid answers like, “in the book I talk about…” and, on page so and so of my book…” This will always come across as self-serving – which will be the kiss of death for you as a guest.

Keep this in mind: It’s up to you to make the host look like a genius in the eyes of his/her listeners for having you on. You do this by offering lots of great information. Many guests make the mistake of holding back with their knowledge. You can’t afford to be stingy. The more information you can deliver in a clear, crisp, intelligent manner, the more the listeners will respect you and want to buy your book.

Another aspect of being a great guest who is invited to return is to be familiar with the show and the host. When you’re familiar with your host and the type of show s/he produces, you will be that much more prepared for anything s/he might throw your way.

You might not feel this is easily accomplished, as many of your bookings will be phone interviews and a great distances from your home. However, in many cases it will be possible for you to listen to your host before your appearance as a guest. More and more radio stations are now broadcasting both over the airwaves and online, so it shouldn’t be difficult to study your host’s show. For a comprehensive list of online stations and the ability to listen to them on your computer, do a search on radio station directories.

Assuming you’re not yet a media professional, you’ll want to become a student of talk shows, both radio and TV. Notice how the great guests behave. You might also want to record several shows where the guest does a good job and refer back to them as you prepare. You’ll notice that good guests talk in a conversational tone as though they are discussing the topic with a friend.

To sum it up, remember:

Your goal is to sell your book
You do this by first making your host look good
Offer short, crisp and concise bits of information
Offer lots of information
Relax and speak in a conversational tone as though you were talking to a friend.

Here’s to your success in broadcasting!

With nearly 15 years as a healthcare professional and another 10 years as a successful real estate entrepreneur, Charles took to the pen. He’s written four books, several ebooks and numerous articles for publication. He’s now enjoying life in Southwest Florida and working as a freelance writer. http://www.prosewiz.com

Swine Flu Exposed

Swine Flu Exposed

What exactly is a Virus?

Let us shed some light on what a virus actually is to better understand the Swine Flu. A virus is a lot of money of DNA or RNA covered with a protein layer or coating. Viruses replicate by infiltrating the cells of an income number and subsequently utilizing the cells functions to reproduce it really is own DNA. A virus cannot survive lengthy outside of a full time income host (2-8 hrs generally speaking).

Why The Top Deal About Swine Flu?

The regular flu is in charge of several thousand fatalities a-year. So why the major package towards Swine Flu? Well, there is certainly some news hype surrounding the Swine Flu but there is however potential danger. Particularly for seniors, baby, and immunocompromised (people with weakened resistant systems) populations. Another issue, although experts are intending to having a vaccine by autumn, is that we have no vaccine for the Swine Fl. In addition, at any time a virus jumps in one species to another, there was possibility recombination. Suppose someone contaminated with all the Swine Flu can also be carrying the normal seasonal flu virus, the 2 viruses will fulfill, merge, and recombine to form an entirely new strain regarding the flu virus with possibly dangerous properties.

Swine Flu Protection

Clean your hands regularly for 15-30 seconds using a strenuous rubbing scrub. Protect the mouth area when coughing and sneezing. Put areas inside proper receptacles. Keep your distance from people with respiratory infection. If ill, rest and reduce social activity whilst to not ever infect others. You simply can’t get Swine Flu from consuming prepared pork or managing uncooked chicken. As previously mentioned previously, a virus must have a full time income number so that you can survive. So if you do not anticipate dealing with a freshly butchered pig, you’ve got absolutely nothing to bother about. However, bacteria can survive without a living host. Cook chicken correctly and clean hands thoroughly after handling raw chicken to avoid bacterial infection. Utilize good judgment and you should be fine.

R.Hunt, RN

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Venue For Commonwealth Games 2010

Venue For Commonwealth Games 2010

After quite a few years, what’s promising arrived when it comes to Hospitality and Tourism Industry of Asia when it had been stated that the Commonwealth Games of 2010 will undoubtedly be scheduled in Delhi, Asia. The athletes from numerous countries are going to be seen competing for a lot of groups. This multi sport event will entice a horde of tourists. The federal government officials, the travel companies, the hoteliers, the aviation industry each one is prepared to host the interesting occasion.

Preparations For Commonwealth Games 2010

It is the very first time that India is hosting such a grand event of Commonwealth Games. And so no rock is left unturned. The institution of Khelgaon, the Games Village, is one step taken for the advertising of these games in Delhi. This Khelgaon will offer a deluxe knowledge into members as well as the tourists. As well as the Games Village, the us government has also built an artificial coastline to entice tourists. Visitors will have the exact same experience of beach because they have actually of genuine sea coastline.

Indian Tourism Industry

The Indian Tourism business has been resurrected through the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Delhi. The travel companies are all busy to make prior bookings the international and domestic people. The massive influx of tourists will likely to be managed through the brand-new tasks launched because of the sets of resort hotels. The marketing of tourism business is also essential and so the Government has arrived with a five year taxation rebate plan.

Venue for Commonwealth Games 2010

These games should be held in Delhi India. There are various venues for various occasions. Some of the venues are:

– Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium will host opening and shutting ceremony besides athletics, grass bowls and weightlifting.
– Maj. Dhyan Chand National Stadium has hockey match.
– I.G. Stadium Sports specialized might find the matches of wrestling, gymnastics and biking.
– Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range comes alive with shooting.
– Tyagaraj Sports advanced will host netball.
– Talkatora Indoor Stadium has boxing matches.
– Siri Fort Sports hard will have suits of badminton and squash.
– Yamuna Sports elaborate will host the match of ping pong.
– Delhi University may be ideal for the Rugby 7s suits.
– SPM pool specialized will host aquatics.

Journey Booking for Commonwealth Games.

To prevent almost any trouble, the trip bookings have already started. Questions for various tours and resort bookings have begun. Therefore never delay anymore and book your tours now to avoid the hefty dash of tourists. http://www.indiatouristspots.com/

Coffee Drinker – What Exactly Is Hot With Decaf?

Coffee Drinker – What Is Hot With Decaf?

If you’re a coffee drinker you most likely know what decaf that will be short for decaffeinated coffee is. And since you’re a hard core coffee drinker, you (or some of you) will frown on a cup of decaf available for your requirements. You may, in fact, go into a big hassle and start a tantrum toward shock of the number. A few things might occur. One, your host won’t ever ever last decaf coffee again or two, you’ll never previously be asked for a cup once again. When you desire to nonetheless maintain your circle of buddies, I would suggest to you to lay reasonable also to tone down the exaggeration with decaf.

Some people may be asking what’s with decaf? How come coffee drinkers make a big deal from the jawhorse? Well coffee contains caffeine. This will be a normal health supplement and is within every sorts of coffee. Some could have much more while many will include less. Caffeine is when coffee gets that all also popular stimulating power. In the average, depending on the style of coffee, the caffeinated drinks content is from 0.8 per cent and 2.5 %. The caffeine also impacts the flavor regarding the coffee.

Decaffeinated coffee has got the absence of caffeine in the coffee. The reason for that is that many people have actually effects to caffeine. So that the market of decaf coffee is actually those individuals who wish to enjoy the taste of coffee without the caffeine. Since caffeine is an all natural occurring active component, decaf has to be produced. Although decaf essentially is a non-caffeine containing coffee, the truth is industry regulators can currently classify coffee decaf with regards to contains a mere 0.1 per cent caffeinated drinks.

Caffeine is extracted from the unroasted green beans. Whenever your roast coffee beans, the flavor arrives so it would be best to remove the caffeine from green beans. Manufacturers make use of caffeine-selective solvents to obtain the coffee stimulant out of the beans. Solvents are liquid or dichloromethane.

Whenever manufacturers utilize liquid as solvent, the green espresso beans are rinsed with it for a long time. After some time, the caffeine dissolves. The water containing the dissolved caffeine then passes through a working carbon filter which absorbs the active stimulant. The beans tend to be after that air-dried, roasted, floor and packed. Nearly the exact same procedure is involved with all the dichloromethane process. The solvent just varies and an added step of steaming the beans to eliminate any continuing to be solvent is included.

Modern technology made it possible to extract caffeine through the beans but retain the taste and aroma for the coffee. This is one of the concerns of coffee drinkers whenever becoming offered with decaf, that the coffee won’t taste like coffee anyway. However with the present procedure, the exact same kind of coffee should taste similar just because its decaf.

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